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Tree Cutting Insurance

Tree cutting is about more than just maintaining the aesthetics of a neighborhood. When a storm hits or a tree interferes with a power line, residents are quick to call tree trimming businesses like yours to protect their property. It’s a rewarding job, but it’s also a dangerous one. As the owner of a tree trimming service, it’s essential that you protect yourself with the right insurance coverage.

Here at Goodman Family Insurance, we’re here to help. The expert agents at our Miluawakee office go above and beyond to secure great rates and comprehensive coverage for tree trimming services and other related landscaping businesses.

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What type of insurance do tree trimming services need?

The most important insurance coverage for tree trimming services is probably general liabilities insurance. Depending on the policy, this can provide coverage for everything from homeowner injury claims to property damage to your client’s home and other physical assets. A business owner’s policy is also beneficial, as it provides coverage for your physical buildings (including storage sheds), tree trimming equipment, and even your business income. Most tree trimming services require commercial auto insurance as well.

Remember, you aren’t the only one exposed to danger on the job. Your employees can accidentally fall from significant heights or even trip on a wayward branch. Worker’s compensation insurance will usually cover you in cases of employee injury, including legal claims and long-term healthcare needs.

Get great rates on insurance for your tree trimming service

You shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to obtain competitive rates for comprehensive tree service insurance coverage. At Goodman Family Insurance, we go above and beyond to ensure you’re adequately protected.

65 Years of Insurance Expertise

The Goodman Family Insurance team has been helping small business owners like you get great rates on their coverage for a very long time. Ready to discover what we can do for your tree trimming service?

Trusted & Transparent

We always operate with our client’s best interests at heart. Instead of presenting you generic, sub-optimal coverage options, we’ll dig deep to find the perfect insurance solution for your tree trimming business.

Professional Guidance & Support

We’re down-to-earth and people-oriented but don’t let that fool you – when it comes to commercial insurance, we’re as knowledgeable and professional as any of the major insurance chains.

‘Peace of Mind’ Protection

From personal safety to profit margins, there are plenty of things to worry about when operating a successful tree trimming business. Our insurance agents alleviate stress rather than adding to it.

Competitive Rates

Looking for the best coverage at the lowest possible price point? We’ll tap into our network of 15+ A-rated carriers to identify the best option for your needs and obtain a competitive quote.

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