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Roofing Business Insurance

It doesn’t matter if you’re building a new roof with hot tar or remodeling an existing one using tile, running a roofing business is always hard work. There are plenty of factors that contribute to your success, but one of the most important is the type of commercial insurance you choose. Unfortunately, finding the right coverage is not as simple as selecting the option with the lowest rates.

At Goodman Family Insurance, our experienced agents work closely with your roofing business to ensure that you are adequately protected in all situations.

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Need help understanding the different types of roofing business insurance?

Like most commercial businesses, roofing contractors require general liability insurance. This will protect you from claims involving property damage and injuries that arise due to your work. Worker’s compensation insurance is also key, as it will cover injuries and lost income for your employees. Due to the dangerous nature of roofing, there are special programs that can save you money on worker’s comp premiums – our expert agents can help you with this.

Commercial auto insurance, pollution liability insurance, and inland marine coverage are also beneficial to roofing contractors. Many companies also opt for excess liability insurance or ‘umbrella insurance’ – this provides an extra layer of protection and can be applied to many types of insurance, including general liability insurance and commercial auto insurance.

Get great rates on roofing contractor insurance today

With 65+ years of experience dealing with commercial insurance for roofing contractors and other construction businesses, our Miluawakee-based insurance agency knows what it takes to balance optimal coverage with the lowest possible rates

Professional Support

Most insurance brokers will give you their undivided attention while setting up your coverage. We’re among the select few that provide the same level of support when you file a claim.

Comprehensive Coverage

Your business is unique, and so are your insurance requirements. At Goodman, we go the extra mile to ensure that you get the exact coverage that you need (without paying for anything that you don’t).

Optimal ‘Peace of Mind’ Protection

As a physically demanding, dangerous job, roofing carries a significant amount of risk. To ensure that your company remains successful, you need comprehensive coverage – our team can help.

A-Rated Carrier Network

There are lots of fly-by-night insurance providers out there but we only work with 15 of the best. Our network of A-rated carriers provides options without diluting the quality of coverage available.

Unbelievably Low Rates

Although finding a carrier that combines a low rate with optimal coverage can be a difficult pursuit for roofing businesses, our team of accomplished, expert-level agents is always up to the challenge

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