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Landscaping Insurance

Cooperative weather is important, but there are lots of factors within your control that contribute to the ongoing success of your landscaping business – hiring the right team and purchasing the right equipment are a few obvious ones. Although choosing the right insurance might not immediately spring to mind, the type of coverage you select can have major implications for your business.

At Goodman Family Insurance, we help landscaping businesses of all sizes identify and obtain optimal insurance. From established multi-state operations to small, family-owned start-ups, we’ve always got your back.

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What kind of insurance do landscaping businesses need?

In broad strokes, the insurance needs for a landscaping company are the same as they would be for other businesses of similar size and scope. You need general liability insurance, E&O (errors and omissions) insurance, and coverage against theft.

Due to the nature of landscaping work, property and liability coverage is incredibly important. It doesn’t matter whether you are doing lawn care, sprinkler maintenance, tree trimming, or something else entirely – you need to protect your company in the event of property damage. It’s a good idea to obtain insurance for your truck and/or company fleet, and if you have a physical office, you will likely want coverage for that as well.

Finding insurance for your landscaping business doesn’t need to be a struggle.

With Goodman Family Insurance, obtaining great insurance rates for a landscaping business is easy. That’s because, unlike some of the major insurance agents, we treat you like a partner, not a number. You’ll notice the difference from the first consultation.

Competitive Rates

Paying too much for coverage can be costly. There are lots of things to consider when getting quotes on insurance for your landscaping business, but finding a low rate is one of the most important.

Landscaping Insurance Experience

With 65 years of experience providing commercial insurance, we’ve sourced great insurance rates for tree trimmers, sprinkler installation crews, and a wide variety of other professional landscaping businesses.

Network of A-Rated Carriers

Tired of receiving junk quotes from fly-by-night scammers? At Goodman Family Insurance, we only provide rates from our curated professional network of vetted, verified, and trusted A-rated carriers.

Comprehensive Coverage

The most important aspect of your insurance policy is the actual coverage – are you protected if things go wrong on the job? With Goodman Family Insurance you can sleep easy knowing that you are.

Professional Guidance & Support

Unlike most other insurance agents, we provide the same level of knowledge and support during a claim situation as we did during the initial consultation – our job is to help simplify your insurance.

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