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Automotive Repair Shop Insurance

Commercial Insurance for Automotive Repair Shops

Even at the best of times, running a successful automotive repair shop or garage can be stressful. People rely on your shop to get them back on the road so that they can work, run errands, and enjoy life – when their personal or commercial vehicle is out of commission, they tend to get frustrated. On a daily basis you need to deal with your mechanics, navigate complex supply chain and inventory issues, and keep demanding, impatient customers happy.

One way to reduce stress and keep your operation running smoothly is by obtaining great rates on comprehensive insurance coverage.

Goodman Family Insurance, we strive to make this easier and more accessible for autobody shops.

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Need help ensuring your automotive repair business?

If you run an automotive repair business, there are several different recommended insurance coverages that you need to know about. Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the most beneficial policies:

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance is a broad policy that gives your business some protection against a wide variety of potential damages. Depending on the policy, this can cover personal injuries, property damage, and advertising liability. General liability insurance makes sense for pretty much all businesses and automotive shops are no exception.

Garage Liability Insurance

Some insurance carriers offer garage liability insurance. This is essentially a combination of other coverage types that have been created specifically for your industry. This can include general liability insurance, premises liability insurance, and commercial auto insurance.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Mechanics, technicians, and other employees play a vital role in the success of your autobody shop. Typically, they generate profit for your business, but when they get injured on the job, their worker’s compensation claims can cost you big. A good worker’s compensation insurance policy is essential for protecting your garage.

Premises Liability Insurance

Premises liability insurance typically covers injuries and damages that impact non-employees within your workplace. This is a useful policy if you allow customers to enter your automotive shop.

Commercial Automotive Insurance

Considering that your business involves working closely with cars, it is advisable to protect yourself with a comprehensive commercial auto insurance policy. Call Goodman Family Insurance today to discuss the possibilities for your business.

Get personalized insurance quotes for your automotive repair business today.

Insurance for autobody shops and garages can be complicated, but the process is easy when you have qualified professionals at Goodman Family Insurance on your side.

Competitive Rates

At Goodman, we leverage our network of 15+ A-rated carriers to ensure that you get the lowest rate possible (without sacrificing the quality of coverage).

Comprehensive Coverage

Our agents have experience working with automotive sector clients and go above and beyond to get you the comprehensive coverage you deserve.

Peace of Mind Protection

When you trust us with your commercial insurance, you and your team can focus your time, resources, and energy on other aspects of the business.

Industry-Leading Support

We don’t just help our clients get great rates – we also help you understand your coverage, file claims as needed, and access ongoing support

Personalized Guidance

With over 65 years of commercial insurance experience, we are able to provide expert-level guidance and advice throughout the entire journey.

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