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Apartment Building Insurance

Owning an apartment building can be a great investment, but let’s face it – with so multiple tenants living under the same roof it’s not a question of ‘if’ problems will arise, but ‘when.’ Apartment Building Insurance helps ensure that you are covered in the case of property damage, loss of income, and other issues that impact your building (and business). At Goodman Family Insurance, we work closely with our clients to identify and obtain the best coverage possible.

It doesn’t matter if you are responsible for a multi-million-dollar gated community, a towering skyscraper, or an older walk-up with significant structural issues – we’ll help you get great rates on your insurance.

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Need help finding the right apartment building insurance provide?

Finding the right coverage isn’t as simple as shopping around for the lowest rates.

Several other important factors go into developing your policy:

  • Do you have coverage for loss of rental income?
  • Is your property manager included in your policy?
  • What about landscaping, carports, and other buildings that you own?
  • Are you covered if your sewer lines are back up, or when 3rd party contractors or vendors do work on your property?

These are all important questions to ask, and receiving an answer is often more complex than simply calling an agent at a major insurance corporation.

Get the personalized apartment building insurance quote you deserve

At Goodman Family Insurance, we take the extra steps to understand your complex needs. Factoring in the age of the building, its current state, its claim history, and your financial situation, we leverage our pool of industry-leading insurance carriers to find you the perfect apartment building insurance for your needs.

Unbeatably Low Rates

A low rate might not be the only factor to consider for your apartment building insurance, but it’s still one of the most important. Our experienced agents are skilled at finding carriers with the best possible rates on your behalf.

Comprehensive Coverage

As an apartment building owner, you’re probably covered for theft and property damage, but what about Tenant Discrimination? Many general policies overlook this, and wind-up leaving owners exposed to potential lawsuits.

Deep Carrier Network

When you call some brokerages, they already have one or two insurance products lined up to sell you. That’s not true at Goodman – we tap into a network of 15+ A-rated carriers to find the perfect apartment building insurance for you.

65 Years of Trusted Experience

With over 65 years of experience helping clients in the Milwaukee area with their apartment building insurance needs, Goodman Family Insurance is trusted throughout the region. Give us a call today to discover why!

Expert-Level Support

One of the biggest advantages we offer to our clients is a level of assistance and availability that others don’t provide. We take your search for insurance seriously and go above and beyond to make sure you’re fully informed of your options.

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