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Boat Insurance

To a boat owner, nothing beats an afternoon on the water. Whether you’re fishing on the lake, relaxing on local rivers, or exploring the open ocean, a boat or personal watercraft can provide countless hours of fun. Before hitting the boat launch, you need to protect yourself and your boat with an optimal boat insurance policy. Goodman Family Insurance can help.

Our team of experienced agents leverages a leading network of 15+ trusted, A-rated carriers to ensure that you get comprehensive boat insurance coverage at the lowest rate possible. Ready to discover what we can do for you?

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What’s covered by boat insurance? A quick overview.

Boat insurance typically insures you against damage resulting from accidents, natural disasters, and theft. It can also help if you cause property damage or personal injury. Though most types of common boat types (powerboats, fishing boats, sailboats, pontoon boats, etc.) are covered by boat insurance, it is important that you create a custom policy that works for your specific needs.

Non-motorized boats like canoes and kayaks don’t require the same insurance, though they can still be protected against theft and damage. Personal watercraft, like Sea-Doo’s, Jet-Skis, and Wave runners require PWC insurance coverage. This is the same as boat insurance coverage but tailored to personal watercraft.

In general, boat insurance covers:

  •  Damage to your boat and its individual parts
  • Liabilities for fuel spillage, property damage, and injury
  • Medical coverage for you and your passengers
  • Towing services/wreckage removal
  • Theft/vandalism protection

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Think rate is all that matters for boat insurance? Think again.

Though it’s certainly important to find a great rate for your boat insurance policy, it’s even more important that you find a policy that adequately meets your needs. Paying unbelievably low premiums might feel great each month…but it’s not going to feel as good if something happens and you aren’t protected.

At Goodman Family Insurance, we help boat owners obtain coverage that offers the best of both worlds – a low rate and optimal protection. We take our role seriously and continue to provide dedicated, industry-leading support throughout the entire process (including any claims you file).

Ready for your custom boat insurance quote?

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Goodman Family Insurance offers free, comparative quotes on Boat Insurance from multiple insurance carriers so you can get the best possible rate.

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